DeviantArt Page

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DeviantArt Page

I’ve got a new DeviantArt page, or at least I’m finally posting some images to my DeviantArt page. You can visit it here: I’ll mainly be uploading images that I post to my Instagram account, so you can see them in more detail.

Hello world!

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Hello world!

Welcome to my new site and blog! I’m going to do my best to keep this whole thing updated, so feel free to come back anytime.


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Jakks has finally started releasing their S.L.U.G. Zombies line.  I got to design every character and it’s been a blast.  Their website is live, visit it here: I designed all the art for the website too, but the programers really brought it to life. Here are a handfull of the original zombie illustrations:

Another Portrait

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Another Portrait

I thought I’d throw this up as well.  This is Lissy and Oliver from a while back…

College Humor Posters

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I got to design some fake movie posters for one of CollegeHumor’s latest short.  Fun stuff, check out the video below:

Merry Christmas

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Here’s another poster from the College Humor Nic Cage short.  I thought it might be appropriate for the holidays:

More Del Taco, this time with Ducks!

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I was able to help out again with a Del Taco sponsorship campaign.  This time they’re sponsoring the Anaheim Ducks.  They need coupons, programs, signage and LED animations to promote the Del Taco: Bold Sponsor of the Penalty Kill.  Here’s a taste of some of the work I got to do: First an LED animation […]

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Had a great time at the Stoked fundraiser and art show.  This is the piece I did for them.  Apparently there were a few bids and someone snatched it up.  Thanks to the people that came out there with me. Click here for some photos of the happenings.

Business Cards Are In…

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New cards designed to match the new site just came in. did a pretty good job this time.

Mobile post

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Now I’m just testing out the WordPress iPhone app, so far so good.

Testing 1, 2…

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I’ll be trying to get this new blog/website/portfolio up to speed for awhile.