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Hey everybody, last year a movie Brad Helmink and I came out on DVD, so I was going to drop some info about that in case anybody stopping by here was curious about it.  But since this is my “art” site I thought I’d also drop a little info about some of the key art.

But here’s a little behind the scenes on how the DVD cover ended up looking the way it does.  We didn’t have a shot of the setting (the lodge) at night.  Not one hi-res enough for any print art anyways.  But we had this photo:

originalSo after some Photoshop work (for which the steps are long forgotten), this was created:

nightshotThat’s actually a close up of a desktop wallpaper we had on our download section of the website.  So, when we actually got a distributor they took that art and created their own version for the DVD cover:

The Lodge

I actually liked how they changed our title too.  Originally it looked like this:

titleBut you can see how they mad the “THE” smaller, which reads a lot better and makes more sense.  So, if you stop by The Lodge website, you’ll see a lot more art that Brad and I created.  We actually created the entire design, but got some help with the flash and coding from our web partner.

Anyways we’re working on more stuff so we’ll keep you updated if anything new happens.  You can also check out the trailer here:

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    June 10, 2009

    Wow, looks cool.


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