More Del Taco, this time with Ducks!

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I was able to help out again with a Del Taco sponsorship campaign.  This time they’re sponsoring the Anaheim Ducks.  They need coupons, programs, signage and LED animations to promote the Del Taco: Bold Sponsor of the Penalty Kill.  Here’s a taste of some of the work I got to do:

First an LED animation that will be played on the overhead scoreboard.  Click to play the Flash animation:


This is another part of the promotion, displayed as and LED animation above the end zone scoreboards:


This is the exit animation:


And finally, here is a different promotion that will be displayed on the LED rings that surround the inside of the stadium.  Again, click on the image to play the animation:


As for the print side, these are what helped create for the coupon and program ad you’ll see if you stop by the Honda Center:



Stop by the Del Taco website to check out the promotion and get yourself a free taco.

PS. I got to work with the great silverECHO on this project.

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